What are the rental requirements?

R 2500 – R 5000 refundable cash deposit
Card facilities available for rental payments
Identification/ Passport Documentation
Drivers License Documentation

What types of vehicles do you have?

3 Door hatchback (2 adults, 2 children)
5 Door hatchback (4 adults, 1 child)
Medium sedan (4 adults, 1 child)
Large sedan (5 adults)

What features do the vehicles have?

All vehicles have power steering
Most with air-conditioning
Choice of manual or automatic

Are the vehicles insured?

Comprehensive insurance
Unlimited drivers (license required)
Refundable cash deposit subject to damages & fines incurred

How do I get my rental vehicle?

Vehicles are to be collected at, & returned to, our offices

Can I rent for less than a week?

Unfortunately we only do rentals from 1 week minimum